News - Care Instruction
How to ensure the lasting quality of your Grossé jewellery?

•   Avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, salt water and chemicals; please wait for a few minutes
    after you put on make-up, perfume or hairspray, before you wear the jewellery.

•   Avoid wearing the Grossé jewellery during sports, swimming, bathing, hot spring or sleeping.

•   Store each piece of jewellery individually in its original Grossé packaging, keep it under cool and dry condition.

•   Clean your jewellery gently in lukewarm water using a non-perfumed soap, and then pat dry with a soft cotton cloth.

•   Do not use any jewellery cleaner or ultrasound cleaner that are available in the market to clean the jewellery.

•   Do not wear any hand accessories when you wash hands.

•   After wearing the jewellery, please use clean and soft cotton cloth to clean the jewellery before
     putting it back to the Grosse original packaging.